"The Way I Act is a children's guide to understanding how their actions express who they are. Some
qualities that are described and encouraged in actions are being friendly, brave, considerate, curious, imaginative, active, capable, and many more. Zany, brilliantly colored illustrations swoop off each page to
bring The Way I Act to full vibrancy. A Note to Parents at the end gives helpful suggestions for ways to use
the book to help teach children to develop desired qualities and good judgment. The Way I Act is sure to please both parents and children, with its imaginative invitation to act in positive, helpful, creative ways."    
—Midwest Book Review

"As an elementary school counselor, I've taken a bigger interest in teaching character education the past
couple of years. I'm noticing kids want to learn about the big behavior words like compassionate, persistent, and capable (and lets not forget it's a great way to increase their vocabulary). Thanks to this wonderful new book, The Way I Act, they also want to apply these words to their daily lives. Just yesterday, a 2nd grade boy came up to me and said, "I was trustworthy when my brother asked me to stay out of his room." It's also nice to use the language back to kids like, "Thanks for following all the directions. You are very capable." The bond books create between adult and child is pretty powerful if you ask me. This is one of those books! Helping kids improve behavior and grow into wonderful people 'seems to be the goal of this book. It's very well done. I feel so lucky when I have such a fantastic book like this to help kids succeed and also have reflection about their decisions and actions. The kids will delight in illustrator Janan Cain's vivid depiction of each character trait. Don't pass this one up. Fabulous way to teach important character traits."    
—Roxanne, Books that Heal Kids

"This book is full of great concepts that are easy for kids to grasp... and remember. I use this book with my little girl who enjoys the pictures and appreciates hearing the gentle messages from someone other than me! The book's messages really hit home for me when I caught my daughter trying hard to behave herself (in the library), telling me that she was 'acting just like the book said to!' Thanks for the assist."     
Dr. Sue, A Grateful Parent

"I adore The Way I Act. It really helps adults discuss concepts with children that aren't easily explained. The book does this through beautiful artwork, verse and color. It's so great to have a tool like this. My kids and I can discuss what it means to be compassionate and responsible among many other ways kids behave. I highly recommend Janan Cain's other books too. The Way I Feel and Roonie B Moonie Lost and Alone."     
—Mother of Three

School Library Journal recommends The Way I Act for Character Education. "...for providing "specific" and "clear-cut" examples that help kids understand behaviors and choices."

"A useful addition to character-education curricula."
—Kathleen Kelly MacMillan of Maryland's Carroll County Public Library.

"My 3 year old daughter and I both love The Way I Act. It is a wonderful follow-up to The Way I Feel. The Way I Act explains behavior in simple, easy to grasp ways, with beautiful illustrations. Both the verses and illustrations are so well done, this book is definitely a must have for any parent of a toddler or preschooler!"     —ETompkins, parent

"At the end of May I won a book giveaway from Age of Autism and received a copy of The Way I Act by Steve Metzger (verses) and Janan Cain (illustrations). The first thing I noticed when I received The Way I Act was how vibrant the colors were on the cover art. It had immediately grabbed my eye in a positive way. Prince Charming happened to be in the room when I opened the package and he caught a glimpse of it at the same time I did. Within seconds, he was at my side clamoring to look at the book. Prince Charming's reading skills have really blossomed in the past year. He is finally showing an interest in books, which I am thankful for. So, before I could even open it or read it, I handed it off to him and he climbed up into Titan's lap and snuggled in for some reading time. He opened the book and it captured his attention right away. He began to read the words and Titan helped him with the more difficult ones. He had great satisfaction when he could turn to the next page. When he finished the book, he asked to read it again. And he liked it. When he was done reading it the second time through, I saw him continue to flip through the pages while he looked at the illustrations. I think he really appreciated the colorful pictures. I have to say that the illustrations are my favorite part of the book. They are captivating. My next favorite part of the book is the cadence of the verses. I think we can all agree that books are much more fun to read when they have a rhythm to the words. The Way I Act covers 13 different ways to behave in a positive manner. As many of you are aware with autism, it's harder for a child to grasp the "no" and the "do not" rules. They have more success when there is an example of what is "yes" and "to do" instead of only focusing on the negative behavior. Words like considerate, cooperative, and respectful are all concepts that I want my children familiar with. These words (and more) are addressed in the book with some ideas on what each of the words mean in action. There is also a note for parents in the back of the book that provides 4 tips on how to better use the book as a teaching tool with your child. Overall, the book is fun to look at and fun to read and it easily moves you toward discussion about the concepts presented. I have not read the previous book, The Way I Feel, but I can imagine that it would also be a worthwhile book to have. I'm sure my boys would love it. The Way I Act is mom approved AND Prince Charming approved! It doesn't get much better than that."   
—Mother of autistic son

The Way I Act