"Written and illustrated by award-winning children's book creator Janan Cain, Roonie B. Moonie: Lost and Alone is a children's picturebook featuring a young, anthropomorphic bee who longs to become a great explorer like his hero, Christopher Columblebee. When Roonie's explorations take him to a dark, unfamiliar place, he encounters scary situations and is approached by a suspicious stranger. Roonie must remember his mother's advice and listen to his own instincts to stay safe. Instead of going along with a stranger, Roonie keeps searching until he finds someone can who can help him in the proper fashion. "Roonie took a deep breath and carefully approached the mother ladybug. 'Ex-ex-excuse me,' he said nervously. 'My n-n-n-name is Roonie B. Moonie. I was exploring and got lost Could you please call my mom and tell her where I am?' 'Of course I will call her,' the ladybug replied kindly. As he recited his phone number, which he knew by heart, Roonie was happy that he had trusted his feelings and used his head." The colorful oil paintings on charcoal paper bring to life this story that is not only enjoyable, but also invaluable for parents to share with their children while rehearsing what they should do and how they should be careful to protect themselves if they should become lost. Highly recommended, especially for children's public library collections."     —Midwest Book Review

"Children need to rove and play outdoors and explore new vistas. Roonie B. Moonie, a bee-child, is brave and foresightful and ready to take on the world. Like every little kid, he loves to roam, so his wise mother reviews a few salient points before he goes out into the world. Unlike many a hero, he actually hears and remembers his mother's advice, which proves timely when he gets in trouble. Roonie gets lost for a time inside a hollow log. It gets worse when a strange bird offers to help Roonie find his mother; but he holds fast to his Mum's advice and avoids another pitfall. More than a story and pictures of inimitable charm, the great strength of this book is how it offers models for for coping with potentially dangerous situations. This inventive romp will help both children and their grownups to reinforce teachings for what to do when lost, or when strangers are "too friendly". Not only enjoyable, but also invaluable for parents to share with their children."     
—Antoinette L. Botsford "storyworker"

"Roonie B. Moonie is an amazing combination of a well-written story with phenomenal arwork. This story tells of a young Bee Roonie who decides to take an adventure. As a proud Dad I know firsthand how "brave" children but especially boys can bee (smile). The story gives guidance and direction to young children who may find themselves lost and alone. The lessons learned in this book are especialy valuable for a child that might get lost in a shopping mall. In addition to the lessons learned my son adores the artwork. The author has done an amazing job with vibrant colors. The best part is trying to find the little slug that is hidden on each page. I would recommend this book to any loving parent with small children who like a great story and brilliant artwork. Bee Safe!!"   
—Chicago dad

"As with all of Janan Cain's books, Lost and Alone teaches our kids a very important lesson in a fun and entertaining way. It tackles the serious and frightening subject of finding oneself lost and scared and teaches our children what to do in that situation. Ms. Cain tells the story through the eyes of adorable and relateable Roonie B. Moonie. It is an engaging story and one that children can understand and remember so they are prepared if, heaven forbid, they ever find themselves "Lost and Alone". A MUST OWN Book for every child"   
—Shannon Clayton, parent

"The message of this book is important for children. How to be safe. The concept is delivered in a way that keeps kids engaged. In this book, children learn how to trust their instincts, remember the lessons their mother teaches them and how to help themselves in a tricky situation. I couldn't have asked for a better tool in which to work through these issues with my kids. The illustrations are captivating and her style and sense of color is magical.
—Mother of Three

roonie b moonie book cover